10 Reasons Why 30’s is the Most Awesome Time of Your Life

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Everyone would agree that turning 30 is not exactly the reason to jump with joy but contrary to all the fears and dreading, here are 10 reasons why 30’s is the most awesome time of your life.

Everyone would agree that turning 30 is not exactly the reason to jump with joy, in fact I had nightmares about it a month before my 30th birthday and pretty much freaked out at the thought of being less youthful and leaving a carefree lifestyle to be more mature and responsible.

Crossing over to the fourth decade (awww shucks, it’s the 4th really!!!) seemed like such a frightening transition because of the stereotype associated with the 30’s…no more partying till the wee hours of the morning, no more blind dates (or any dates!), no more hogging on junk food and sugar drinks, no more trying that funky hairstyle and that cool hair color and the even more frightening scares of the greying hairline, flappy skin and dropping metabolism!

And even though I had to make a few changes in my life like….moving from dressing to kill to dressing to hide (the extra pounds of course ), from beer mugs to wine glasses, from pajama parties to wedding invitations, from getting tagged in whacky party shots vs cute baby shower pictures, from afternoon games to afternoon naps, from heading- to- nowhere- weekend getaways to finishing laundry piles and grocery lists over weekends and from rocking night-outs to rocking chair(ok this one comes from an overgrown imagination!) …..I still would vote for the 30’s as the most happening time of my life.

So contrary to all the fears and dreading, here are 10 reasons why 30’s is the most awesome time of your life:

1. Experience under your belt

The best thing about the 30’s is that you have tried, failed, experimented, boomed, been there and done that….almost a lot of stuff! There are fewer ugly surprises left to be uncovered (hopefully!) and you have had your big share of “how could I”, “I was so stupid”, and “That was so foolish of me” categories of experiences.

 And all these experiences, sweet and bitter have shaped you into who you are today and together constitute the guiding light of experience that you hold in your hand now with the hope that the next time you come across a road bend you will know where to go!

2. Financial Security

The other good thing the 30’s brings with it (if not earlier!) is financial Independence and the freedom to lead a lifestyle of your choice. You can finally afford to live in a bigger apartment, buy that expensive dress, dine in the restaurant of your choice, drive your favourite pair of wheels and spend on things that you always wanted to without having to worry about your bank account status.

3. For once now, you can just relax and be yourself.

You have reached the halfway mark on your journey of self-discovery.  You have left behind the pressure of being perfect, charming, popular, witty, funny, and sexy all at the same time to be accepted. You don’t seek outside affirmations because you are already self-approved.

You can now afford to step back, take a deep breath and just be who you are without the need to impress or strike an impression.

 4. You are done being wrong…well almost!

Just the right time to wave a BIG goodbye to your teen year and adolescent age confusions! You are more sorted now with a clear perspective and a better judgment than you ever were and have figured out the major things in your personal and professional life.

Yes for a change with your feet firmly on the ground, you know where you are headed.

5. You are in healthier relationships and have few but awesome friends.

That’s because you are finally not scared to let go of the naysayers, the buggers, the naggers and the pest you had been putting up with for your own insecurities. You understand your own feelings much better and have the eye to recognize the fake from the genuine.

You look forward to loyalty, togetherness and warmth in relationships and finally, you know that those butterflies in the stomach caused by the smile from that good-looking stranger is just a ten-second attraction and not love actually.

6. You have stopped crying over spilled milk.

You “accept change gracefully” and have finally learned to “move on” without making many hues and crying about it. Whether it’s a bad relationship, a demotivating job, a sad incident, a nagging boss, or a pesky friendship, you know when to call it quits!

You look forward to the future rather than dwelling on the past. You are also trying to set yourself free from your mistakes and of any burden of guilt or anger, or grudges you may be holding in your heart till now because you understand that to travel far, you need to travel light”.

7.  Finally you are comfortable in your own skin.

Ahead of the times when you ached to look, dress and talk like someone else in an effort to get noticed, you are finally comfortable in your skin. You still browse fashion magazines but do not follow them crazy. You have developed your own style and know what suits you best.

You still appreciate others but do not impersonate them. You love being yourself and are finally doing things you really enjoy and consider valuable. You are your own personal hero!

8. You don’t dish out crap, and Neither do you accept it.

You know exactly when to put a stop to other people’s bullshit and show them the door. You have an opinion, a judgment and a voice you know how to raise when the situation comes. And even though teens is the age associated with rebels and I don’t give a damn attitude, in reality, you will find yourself practicing more of that now that you are in your 30’s.

Finally, after all these years, you have the confidence to throw away the cares in the backyard and stand for who you really are, even if it is “different” or “weird”….who cares!!!!!!!

9. You are a go-getter now more than ever before.

Because you realize the time is now! After the heady 20’s, the 30’s is also the time when you look back and take stock of all those great goals you had set for yourself and the dreams you had seen.

If you know you have done a good job in your 20’s and spent the time well, you can smile and continue the good work but if you haven’t been able to keep up with the deadline, 30’s is your time to get focused, take some real action and execute them now.

Either way, you are on the move, leading your life to your dreams!

10. You are Confident…..and that’s attractive!

You would notice a lot more heads turn your way than they ever had because you are oozing confidence and the right attitude. And though you still think twice before accepting that second helping of the cheesecake pudding, doesn’t mean you still can’t have fun and enjoy life to the fullest.

Sit back, unbuckle and relax…..the ride has just begun.

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