Signs of a Healthy Relationship

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Relationships can be quite complex to understand or define but there certainly are some trademark characteristics that couple’s in a healthy relationships display in common.

Relationships can be quite complex and there exists no definite ‘How-to-guide manual’ for building the perfect healthy relationship (wish there was!).

People grow and change over time and with them, their relationships to go through their up and down graph but there certainly are some trademark characteristics that couple’s in a healthy relationship display in common. Let’s see what they are:

1. A Healthy relationship requires that You are emotionally not dependent on each other for being happy:

This is the foremost pre-requisite of a healthy and long-lasting relationship in that the people involved do not depend on each other to feel good about themselves or to take away their worries; instead, they are mature people with a positive outlook for life and high self-worth.

2. You engage in productive arguments:

Since no two people are 100% alike, it is natural that some friction will be created when they share the same space 24 hours a day.

It is also impossible for them to be in the best of their moods all this while but the couples who survive these rough patches are the ones that create something meaningful and useful even from arguments and take a step forward in understanding each other better after a discord.

3. You bring out the best in each other:

If the relationship is on the right track, you will not only enjoy each other’s company tremendously and have fun and laugh together but you will realize that your best personality traits come out in each other’s company and you love yourself when you are together.

4. You share Unconditional Love in a healthy relationship:

No matter how much effort you put into making things work a healthy relationship can only be based on true unconditional love. As cliché as it may sound,  happy couples rise above the ‘Me’ and ‘I’ and rejoice in each other’s happiness even if it means sacrificing their own to an extent that the idea of individual happiness becomes obsolete.

5. You enjoy time together and also apart:

The best relationships are never the clingy type’s infact they allow the people involved to give each other the time and space to pursue their individual interests without getting possessive or feeling threatened.

6. You value not only your partner but also the things valuable to him/her:

To truly value a person, one needs to value his likes and dislikes too and show visible interest in helping him pursue his likes for building a lasting and healthy relationship.

7. You feel emotionally and physically secure :

To know someone is there for you no matter what happens is a big mental security and plays a vital role in strengthening relationships. Happy couples see each other as trustworthy and feel safe around each other.

8. You focus on what you like about your partner and never miss an opportunity to express your appreciation:

Relationships are the best mirrors of our feeling and emotions.  People sharing strong bonds tend to focus on the good qualities of each other rather than pointing at mistakes and shoving blame.

They cut short on the anger and frustration, overlook mistakes, and instead By focusing on the good qualities and keeping a positive attitude they tend to build happier and healthier bonds.

9. You share warmth, togetherness, laughter  ‘n’ unending conversations:

Communication plays a big role and is the backbone of all relationships. Most happy couples are also great friends and share common interests and outlooks on life. They love to talk, spend time, and make it a point to be there for each other.

If you miss your partner, rush home to share that big news or the office gossip and look forward to sharing your heart out with your partner your relationship is definitely on the right track.

10. You do not see walking out as an option:

A relationship will most definitely last if you are truly committed to making it work at any cost. This requires great strength, maturity and thoughtfulness especially when things hit rock bottom, imperfections get more visible and arguments and disappointments become inevitable. 

A perfect relationship is not just about finding the perfect one and feeling happy at all times, it is also about going through troubled times growing and learning together. about sacrificing that last pizza slice to see him smile and about all the times you never fail to see the good in her even in her crankiest of moods.

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