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Choosing the right toys for your kids is a cumbersome task mostly because the vital role they play in shaping your child’s imagination, his physical and mental growth, his social– emotional skills


Children are not that choosy when you brought him or her any toy. No matter what the toy is, the chances are pretty high that your child will enjoy playing with it. But parents must not buy toys just like that. 

Your child passes through many important life development cycles through their initial years and that is why parents must select the ideal toy that matches its age and requirement. Keep these simple factors in mind and you will be able to select the best toy based on age.

Buying toys and exploring toy shops with your eager, all-over-the-place toddler is one of the fun parts of parenting. It takes you back to your own childhood days and you can’t help envying the kids today for the wide array and sortiments of toy range they have to choose from . 

As much fun as it may seem on the outset, choosing the right toys for your kids is a cumbersome task mostly because the vital role they play in shaping your child’s imagination, his physical and mental growth, his social– emotional skills and not to mention his problem solving and analytical attitude in the long run.  

You also need toys that would keep them active and encourage them to be more physical, the one’s that the kids wouldn’t get bored of in the first week and the one’s that spark their imagination and encourage them to explore.

 And ofcourse you want to choose the one’s that are safe to play with and contain no hazardous parts, colors, chemicals that can harm the child. Sounds overwhelming right, so we made a small list for the things you would like to tick off for sure before you buy the next toy for your precious one!

Keep it Simple

Do not select the toys that do too many things and too much.  Toys must be such that develops his mind by making him or her think creatively. Constructional toys like board games or blocks help children to create something of their own, which they can be proud of and encourage creating more.

Some automatic toys just do things based on inputs by kids; it won’t serve any developmental purpose. 

Beware of electronic toys and video games

Although it is difficult to keep kids away from electronics in this modern world, but still try to set limit on the electronic exposure. Young kids love electronic toys more, research has confirmed that these toys are not good for kids both health wise and development wise.

Health problems may arise in children in early age of 2 to 6 years, loud toys can lead to hearing loss gradually. Automatic toys make your kids life less active which leads to weight gain. It also makes delayed learning of language and milestone development.

That keep them Active 

It is always advisable to choose toys that do not promote a passive lifestyle; instead bring toys that have mild to moderate physical activity. The American Academy of Pediatrics says that children who are under 2 years of age must not get exposure to any electronic toys for more than 1 hour per day.

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Appropriate toy – Age 0 to 6 months:

·         Toys that they can reach out, hold and play.

·         Toys that develops grasping power like rattles

·         Toys that gives educational leaning of alphabets and numbers

·         Nursery books with poems for making them listen to it

Appropriate toy – Age 7 to 12 months:

·         Puppets, dolls, wood and plastic toys, toys with wheels, water toys etc.

·         Bread toys, nesting toys, and plastic bowls

·         Creative wooden blocks and soft blocks

·         Physical activity toys like large balls, low and soft things to crawl

Appropriate toy – Age 1 to 2 year:

·         Board books, recording of songs, pictures, simple stories

·         Non toxic markers, crayons, papers etc

·         Toy phones, baby strollers, dress-up accessories

·         Card board, wooden blocks etc.

Appropriate toy – Age 2 year:

·         Child size furniture, kitchen set, sand and water toys

·         Problem solving toys like puzzles, objects to short, hooking of things

·         Kicking and throwing large balls, pounding and hammering toys, tunnel toys etc.

Appropriate toy – Age 3 to 6 years:

·         Problem solving toys with more complexity than mentioned above

·         Building complex structure, transportation toys, set of child size furniture, etc.

·         Paintbrushes, finger paint, and other such creative toys

·         Muscle building toys like plastic bowling pins, ride on toys, tunnels etc.

Hope we helped you making better choices through this article. Happy Shopping dear readers!

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