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if you can Stand in front of the Mirror, look yourself in the eye and say these 21 positive statements about yourself, you have really made it, RESPECT!

If you can Stand in front of the Mirror, look yourself in the eye and say these 21 positive statements about yourself, you have really made it, RESPECT!

And say it as if you mean every word of it…I mean every word! 

1. I realize that everybody around me would not ‘LIKE ME’ for who I am and I am quite O.K with that. I still try to be myself (however likable or unlikable it may be) , most of the times !

2. When things are going wrong, I worry, bite my nails and sit long hours wondering ‘why me’ but finally I come out of it a better, stronger person, wiser from the experience but not bittered by it. 

3. I am impulsive but not reckless, immature but not irresponsible, care-free but not care-less. When I say you can count on me, you really can!

4. I think every problem can be dwarfed if not solved with a dash of humour. If I can’t solve it, I like to laugh it out and make a little fun of myself…that always makes me feel better.

5. When I see something beautiful I try to appreciate it with all my heart. I believe the best way to be become a part of something beautiful is to admire it.

6. I carry no weights, hurt, regrets, mistakes in my heart. I like to move on in this journey of life, light hearted and afresh.

7. I am grateful for what I have and fight each day with genuine efforts for what I would like to.

8. I have one special friend who knows me in and out and still loves to hang around with me. And I am grateful for having him in my life.

9. I keep my Life simple by speaking my mind , doing what I believe in and working on things that are in sync with my life’s goals and things I truly value.

10. I make time for friends and not excuses for not being there….well most of the time!

11. I do not have sky high moral values but I like to stick to the truth because I understand that life is much longer and larger than a mere lie. I like to follow the big picture!

12. I meet a lot of people I admire every day, some more beautiful, some more talented and some just more lucky than I ever could be. I am still content being myself and would not exchange this place for anyone. I am most happy being ‘Me’ and would like to stay that way!

13. I am bad at keeping resolutions and fail to get up early to catch on my morning exercise some days, I secretly put an extra sugar cube in my coffee (when I am not looking) , and make lame excuses to myself for sleeping in that extra one hour on a working day but I don’t go around feeling bad or justifying my little self-indulgences. I just enjoy them!

14. When I am the one holding a different opinion in a group, I don’t keep it to myself. No, I don’t need to fit in; I am pretty comfortable standing out!

15. My best travel plans do not mean finishing a long Must- see list of museums and castles or visiting a pre- planned list of the most famous places, sometimes I just like to wander and get a little lost, sit out and watch the crimson sun rays melt into soft shades of pink and purple into the setting sky and wander at the summer night sky brightened up with those twinkling stars. Those are really my best outings till date!

16. I make mistakes, some awfully embarrassing one’s and sometimes I am just plain dumb, but I am learning every moment and every day and that fills my heart with joy and pride for myself. 

17. I understand no matter how successful or validated I become; I will have to prove myself each day, every day to be successful in the long run.

18. I do not get into relationships because I am insecure or unhappy; I get into relationships because I have so much love and warmth to share.

19. I may seem lazy, difficult and unmotivated to keep in touch at times and I confess I take a lot of things for granted but an eye that holds a tear for me, NEVER

20. I know no one is controlling my destiny. I am simply getting what I am working for .If I put my heart and soul into making this piece of work one of the very best you have ever read , I know it will touch your heart and no destiny can alter that.

21. I know being happy is not something you are born with or can earn for yourself. It’s a constant effort, like following an exercise regime where you feed your mind with positive thoughts and good experiences. Yes, it’s not easy to find a reason to be happy all the time but I am determined to make effort to bring a smile on my lips every day.

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