Choices : Power to Choose, Power to Change

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We design our own our destiny through the choices we make everyday. The power of choice gives us the power to change and create our own destiny.

My love for writing dates back to the fourth standard when I wrote my first poem. I remember reading it at least 50 times on front of my parents, in my opinion it was the most beautiful poem in the world. I believe that day marked the journey of my love with the written word.

Being an only child with both parents working, I found comforting recluse in the lively wonderland of my story books. I borrowed books from the school library and played barter with my friends exchanging books. Where other kids would go out to meet friends or party in their free time, I would use it to catch up on my favourite books.

All this reading improved my language skills in leaps and bounds and communication became an integral part of my career plans. I decided to pursue a course in Marketing Management over ruling the obvious choice of Human resource management as chosen by all the other girls of my batch.

It was a difficult choice to leave all your friends and join a male dominated class but a choice I reaped benefits of later in my career days as I got placed with a multinational on campus sooner than my other friends in H.R department which seemed to be bustling with competition.

The sales career I chose for myself was again a decision that wasn’t exactly rejoiced by my parents and relatives but I knew this was the best option for me to hone my interpersonal and networking skills better. It was again not easy being the only girl in an all-male work group but I soon made great friends and learned the nuances of the sales job.

Just as I got comfortable with this phase of my life, meeting clients and closing deals, it was time to set off the next chapter of my life, Marriage. My fiancé was working with a big multinational based out of Sweden which meant an entire life shift for me again.

Knowing that finding a job would be tough since I wasn’t acquainted with the Swedish language, I was advised by my well-wishers to continue my job in India and visit my husband in Sweden over holidays till I found one in Sweden.

But I wanted to give 100% to this new phase of my life so I chose to give up my job and start afresh with this new chapter of my life and moved to Sweden soon after marriage. Sweden was a different world altogether quite literally, for once I had loads of time at hand. And it was then that I remembered my first best friend, my love for reading. Unable to find any English books in Swedish stores, I began reading voraciously on the internet.

I looked for good articles on keeping yourself motivated, strengthening your willpower and adopting good routines in life, my main areas of interest.

The more I read, the more I felt the strong need for a different take on the subject.

The material I found on the internet was very informative and inspiring but somehow whenever I would try to put it to daily use, it wouldn’t work….I would feel inspired till the moment I was reading but found it difficult to keep up the enthusiasm in my daily life. The problem it seemed was that I couldn’t relate to most of the stuff I read at a personal level.

It was during that time the idea of ‘The Eureka life’ took birth, I decided to build a knowledge base of inspirational and motivational articles that would incorporate simple easy to lessons for everyone conveyed in a friendly manner through stories and personal experiences people could relate to.

I discussed the idea but it seemed that a lot was already being said and written in this field and my dear one’s feared that my efforts and hard work would go in vain and get lost in the vast internet world.

I got sceptical with such feedback but chose to ignore it and move ahead with my plans. I learned a little bit about designing websites and bought the domain name -The Eureka Life.

It’s been 11 months since the journey started and there has been no looking back ever. The Eureka Life started small but soon made its way into the heart of thousands of readers and followers inspiring them every day.

As I look back today, I am thankful for all the unconventional choices I made at different stages of my life from pursuing a degree in Marketing, a career in sales, a resignation to an MNC job to give 100% to my marriage and the moment when I chose to believe in myself and followed my love for writing.

It is these choices that have made me the person I am today and till date this is the best inspirational message I have for my readers…..we are all different and have our own unique qualities and strengths.

Believe in your uniqueness, make it your strength, choose to be your own ideal and just follow the random lanes of the callings of your heart….. for they will lead you to the most beautiful destinations in life.

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