Natural ways to boost metabolism and defeat obesity

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A good high rate of metabolism is key to healthy living. Read easy tips and suggestions on food and health to improve metabolism and reduce obesity.

A good high rate of metabolism is key to healthy living. Read easy tips and suggestions on food and health to boost metabolism and reduce obesity.

Living plants and animals require energy for sustaining life, to grow, heal and remain healthy.

Metabolism is the chemical process within the body that makes provision for this energy. The rate of metabolism differs among individuals, and to improve metabolism means to improve the energy supply of the body and burn up calories.

Following are some of the important steps you can take for increasing your metabolism that can rid you of excess fats, beat obesity, and make you active for longer times. 

Breakfast and Proteins

Breakfast is your very first meal of the day, and also the most important one. Not only should you not skip your breakfast, but also pack it up with as much nutrition as possible.

A general rule is to ditch sugar- or carb-laden starters such as cereals, donuts or waffles. These can spike and crash your blood sugar levels and diminish your metabolism. Instead choose foods rich in proteins like eggs, Greek yogurt etc. Including protein based foods in your diet, not just breakfast, does two things for your body.

First, it keeps you full for longer periods of time, which helps in consuming fewer calories through your day. Second, because it is protein, it requires more energy than say fats for its break down, thus more calories are burned by merely consuming proteins.


Consuming adequate amounts of water is your answer to slow metabolism. Body cells thrive on  water as a major resource for their everyday chemical processes including digestion, metabolism etc.

Aim for the usually advised 8-10 glasses of water at least. Drink more water depending on your  exercise and daily routine. Cold water especially helps in efficient metabolism because it causes  body your to use more calories to warm up consumed water.

Drinking water in plenty should boost  metabolism, and in general, enable your body to make the most of the nutrition consumed. 

Muscle Building, Work-out

As said above, muscles take up more of your energy than fats for building and maintenance.  Get involved in weight training programs for good muscle development and strength. Doing cardio  exercises like jogging, running, swimming etc. is another great way to enable high metabolism.

You could also try High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) which as the name suggests involves spurts  of intense levels of working out interlaced with brief recovery periods.

So if you pace yourself at  jogging for a consistent 9 minutes/km, break it down to 3 minutes of hard run spell, 4 minutes of  recovering slow pacing, and back to 3 minutes of sprinting spell. Doing this with affordable  repetitions will allow your body to gain good metabolic rate for your entire day and over.    


Research and studies have linked metabolic activity to sleep. Less or incomplete sleep incurs less  metabolism by body. Ensure 8 hours of sleep daily or how much your body’s circadian rhythm  demands. These activities fulfill most of your body’s metabolic demands.

The tips that follow will secure and  ensure an all-round good metabolism for your body: Tip: Foods: Certain foods and beverages have shown to provide effective help in boosting  metabolism.

These include:

  1. Egg Whites – full of protein and vitamin D, they keep metabolism stoked to good levels.
  2. Lentils – rich in iron
  3. Whole Grains (brown rice, oatmeal etc.): are fiber-rich and require extra effort in breaking down  than processed foods.
  4. Green Tea: filled with antioxidants, and particularly known for improving metabolism. It also act  good as an obesity treatment.
  5. Coffee – caffeine stimulates metabolism and makes it last for more than a couple of hours straight.
  6. Spices – adding spices to your food like chili peppers (compound capsaicin) increases metabolism.
  7. Lean Meat: has plenty of iron, deficiency of which can result in slow metabolism  .

Extra Tips

  1. Eating Regularly: Eating at regular but fixed intervals makes the body consume energy on a  consistent level, which in effect leads to continued high metabolism.
  2. Avoid Skipping Meals: you’ll drive your body into conserving energy which will subsequently lower the metabolism of the body.
  3. Avoiding Alcohol: Alcoholic drinks like whisky, beer, etc. have been known to decrease metabolism, especially when drinking them alongside heavy meals.
  4. Avoid Trans Fat: These found in processed foods like chips, bind to fat and liver cells and reduce metabolism. Weight gain is a side effect.


Improving metabolism not just decreases your chances of or reduces obesity, but in effect brings vibrancy and energy into your life. Adopt natural courses to boost metabolism by following a good healthy food, water, exercise, and sleep regime.

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