The 7 Top Habits of High Achievers

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To achieve success, it is critical to figure out the right areas to work hard at. The achievers tend to have figured that out!

What separates the high achievers from the also ran’s, the scorers from the mediocre, the successful from the ordinary. The answer greatly lies in the habits practiced by them over and over again so much so that they become intertwined with their personality.

Do you find it difficult sometimes to even achieve your most conservative goals? Have you worked really hard for a goal, burnt the midnight oil and toiled for months over it and still didn’t achieve it. It’s a horrible feeling to have tried and failed, it really sucks but the important takeaway is to know what you lacked and identify the stone you left unturned to make sure your next effort meets success.

You would say that you worked hard and there is no undermining its importance but it is equally critical to figure out the right areas to work hard at. As they say, “striking the iron while it is hot”.

The achievers tend to have figured that out!

So what are the traits that separate a select few in the achiever category and make them rise above the rest. Lets find out:

1. Moving From Procrastination to Doing-It-Now:

It is said that “A timely start ensures half the work done”, but we delay executing our ideas waiting for the right time, we promise ourselves we will start work making several alibi’s for the delay like just as soon as the market gets better or when the current project finishes, or when we have more time or when the kids exams get over or and so on, the truth is the more we procrastinate, the more we reduce our own motivation and enthusiasm and not to mention our chances of working on an original idea.

2. Creating Opportunities:

While most will be researching, planning and finding out the right opportunities to work at, the achievers go out in the market, sell, communicate, spread the word and create these opportunities. Because to achieve success you can’t wait to bump into the right opportunity at the right time and place, you just have to create it for yourself.

Bill Gates, American computer pioneer and co-founder of Microsoft wrote a letter to computer enthusiasts in February 1976 in which he asserted that there was a commercial market for computer software, something that few believed. He also said that the software would not be copied without permission. We all know that later he moved on to become the leader in the licensed software products, a market he created for himself.

3. Following a Regime Without Getting Bored or Giving Up:

Lewis Pugh, a British environmental campaigner and the first person in the world to undertake a swim at the North Pole across a glacial lake under the summit of Mount Everest in 2010 took cold shower baths for 8 months continuously in the cold British winter to prepare for those 50 minutes in water.

The only thing he looked forward to after accomplishing the swim was a hot shower. This is the degree of dedication and discipline achievers adopt in their lives to make sure they achieve success. They devote every day of their life working towards getting a little closer to that goal.

4. An Uncluttered Mind, Desk ‘n’ Life:

The more uncluttered your everyday life, the more clearly you will be able to see your goals and the more time and space you will have at hand to focus on the most important and meaningful aspects of your life. Simplifying your life, thoughts and surroundings leads to inner peace and a more focused approach in life.

Mahatma Gandhi, the man known for his frugal living ,who singlehandedly led India to regain freedom was a great champion for simplifying life and sacrificed not only materials but more importantly selfish motives and private goals to achieve the one mission he had dedicated his life to.

5. A Positive Outlook:

In 2006, Just 3 months after signing her first contract Stefani Germanotta was released from it apparently because of her unusual style. But instead of giving up and succumbing to the rejection, she went back to the drawing board, working in clubs and experimenting with new performers and new influences to finally reintroduce herself to the world as Lady Gaga. The rest as they say is history.

All achievers go through a lot of turn downs, survive through dark moments, slog the rough patches and face multiple failures but never do lose sight of their goal. Instead they get a little smarter and stronger, every time they fail and maintain a positive outlook.

6. Fostering Great Relationships and Teams:

Achievers realize that success is about people. They galvanize supporters around their idea and work in teams. These supporters could be a close group of friends, colleagues, partners, mentors, or social media followers. They have the ability to build effective networks, the skills to communicate effectively, and know how to relate to people at all levels and influence them.

Mark Zuckerberg, ceo and founder of Facebook never forget to thank his teammates and coworkers in his speeches or public appearances. He is said to keep in regular touch with his team members and believes in working closely with his colleagues.

7. Following Their Passion:

High achievers are able to reach the pinnacles of success because they pour their energy into their passions. They realize that investing time, energy and resources on anything less than that is a waste. Think about it, the world’s millionaires, inventors, artists, musicians, writers, bureaucrats, policy makers….what makes them come back to their work every day, what drives them to create products and services that work for the betterment of the entire world!

The best eg is that of Steve Jobs, Ex CEO, chairman and co-founder of the Apple Inc. Jobs was a genius driven by quality and creativity. All through his career, jobs worked towards transforming the Computer, smartphones, music and movies industry and gave the world popular products like iMac, iTunes, iPod, IPhone and Ipad which till date rule the market for their aesthetics and high quality features.

Building good habits goes a long way in building us and our future. Make these traits describe you and your work. Follow them on a daily basis and see your dreams becoming a reality and your goals your achievements.

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